The Teddy Bears

Confidants, accomplices and best friends, teddy bears bring back a rush of the very best in childhood. Comfort objects for adults as much as for children, they protect us from life’s hardships.

KiKo’s Kids

They are the children of the word, particularly little vagrants robbed of their childhood: Gavroches from every era, street urchins, migrant children or tots in transition from one home to another. In their suitcases or tied into their bindle, the history, the secrets, the joy and all the bumps and bruises of a life sometimes too heavy for their little shoulders.

The Chaplins

Each painting in this series is a tribute to one of the greatest geniuses ever to grace the silver screen. KiKo is passionate about Chaplin and his central figure, The Tramp – the lonely, destitute yet optimistic character who became a heroic saviour. The Tramp is Chaplin’s representation of his own childhood, marked by sadness and poverty.

Works On Concrete

Where Street Art has enabled art to take over the streets, KiKo gives urban art a place of expression inside. Replacing his canvas with a “wall” of rough concrete, he paints works of swelling power that bring out the concrete’s cold and grey, and the hued lights of his Chinese inks covered with ultra-glossy resin.

The Dancers

« Les Danseuses de KiKo » is a theme highly personal to the artist, inspired most often by his own daughter, who dances ballet. But over and above the ballerinas, KiKo goes in search of the movement of little girls swirling in the care-free kingdom of childhood.

The Portraits

Mischievous, sulky, thoughtful, happy or melancholic, KiKo’s portraits embody all the expressions and bearings of childhood.
Their large eyes convey emotions, exert great fascination on the viewer giving him the impression that he has captured « what is behind ».

The Animated Backgrounds

In this new style of paintings, the background is animated with kids ‘drawings.
« The kids come to life on the canvas they have drawn themselves, they tell us who they are », says the artist. Having become the master of the work, the children take us on an emotional journey through their own history.

Tax optimisation or leasing with purchase option

If you are a company (EURL, SARL SCI, Selarl, SAS, etc.) or self-employed (SEL, EI, etc.), by leasing with a purchase option, you can acquire works of art and deduct from your taxable income 100% of the rental fees paid.
By residual value on a forward sale to a third-party beneficiary (you or your company), the latter can become the owner of the work.

Our agent, working in collaboration with a tax optimisation expert, will manage your entire leasing transaction. Feel free to contact us for a free simulation or more information about leasing.


The studio

KiKo draws in charcoal, freehand onto the canvas, driven by the urgency of creation. He feeds off this adrenaline to relive what graffiti artists must have felt standing before the forbidden wall.