Where we slip into KiKo’s private world and unlock some secrets of his creative process

The studio

While KiKo shows endless inspiration and already-recognised talent, it is his very personal technique and sense of perfection that seal his artistic DNA.

KiKo draws in charcoal, freehand onto the canvas, driven by the urgency of creation. He feeds off this adrenaline to relive what graffiti artists must have felt standing before the forbidden wall. Each drawing is unique, the artist refusing to use a stencil. On the sketch done in charcoal, he unfurls a technique called inking, used in the past on comic strips, then he goes over each line again with Indian ink, applied by brush. It is with acrylic spray and thrown paint that he creates his sublime backgrounds, often in primary colours, taking extreme care to preserve the drawing.

KiKo finishes off his canvases with a layer of evenly-poured resin. He is a master at this very complex technique which can damage the work if imperfectly executed. Although resin has become his trademark, KiKo is quick to emphasise that what really matters lies under the varnish of appearance.


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